Each of these nurses is poised to become an exemplary nurse leader who will transform health care in communities and nationwide, help build a Culture of Health, and inspire the next generation of nurses.

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Olivia Arnold
2018 cohort, University of Pennsylvania

Olivia Arnold, BSN, RN, a Robert Wood Johnson Future of Nursing Scholar, is interested in social determinants of health in early childhood including lead exposure, sleep deprivation, and food scarcity. She is especially interested in how early exposure to these determinants of health may impact behavioral outcomes in adolescence and young adulthood as well as what factors might mitigate these relationships.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Saginaw Valley State University where she is the recipient of the Young Alumni Award for 2018. She has additionally completed her academic work and is awaiting graduation and commencement of her Master of Science in Nursing with a focus in Child Health and Well Being from the University of Dublin, Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Arnold worked as a research assistant during her undergraduate education. Upon graduation, she worked as a Neonatal ICU, Pediatric ICU, and Pediatric Float Nurse at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan for one and a half years before leaving to obtain her MSN in Dublin, Ireland.

Arnold lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Shoshana Aronowitz
2016 cohort, University of Pennsylvania

Shoshana Aronowitz, BA, MSN, FNP-BC, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholar, is interested in mental health, trauma, substance abuse and the criminal justice system.

She earned her BA from McGill University and her MSN from University of Vermont.

Aronowitz has worked as an RN at a substance abuse clinic and on a buprenorphine clinical trial in Burlington, VT. She has also worked as an FNP at Planned Parenthood of North Country New York and Soteria Vermont. Her master’s thesis, which focused on the experiences of individuals who lost access to medication-assisted treatment for opiate abuse when they were incarcerated, was published in the Journal of Correctional Healthcare.

Aronowitz lives in Philadelphia, PA.

Faith Atte
2014 cohort, Villanova University

Faith Ikarede Atte, RN, MSN, a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Future of Nursing Scholar, at the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, is interested in understanding the impact of stigma towards the mentally ill. The mentally ill are not only faced with the debilitating symptoms of mental illness but they also have to deal with the misconception and stereotypic views of the public towards them.

She earned her Associate Degree from Burlington County College, Bachelor Degree in Nursing from Thomas Edison State College and her Masters in Nursing from Villanova University.

Atte works at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital in Trenton NJ as a Charge Nurse and Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, NJ in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit as a staff nurse.

Atte lives in Willingboro, NJ.

Ronke Awojoodu
2018 cohort, University of Maryland Baltimore

Ronke Awojoodu, BSN, RN, MPH is interested in how families/parents are caring for their children in critical care units and how active family involvement in care affect patient and family outcomes.

She earned her BSN from Babcock University, Nigeria, and her MPH from University of North Texas Health Science Center.

Currently a clinical research nurse at the Department of Pediatric Anesthesiology and Critical Care medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.

Awojoodu lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and two sons.