Deborah E. Jones, PhD, RN, CNE

Deborah E. Jones, former dean of Nursing at Hampton University, currently works as an independent Nursing Education Consultant and Career Advisor, focusing on the areas of curriculum design, assessment of learning environment, leadership development and individual goal attainment. In her role as dean at Hampton University’s School of Nursing, she had leadership oversight for two campuses with responsibility for leadership, vision, coordination and strategic, operational and financial direction for all School of Nursing programs. Jones instilled a culture of academic excellence and established a record of accomplishment in curriculum redesign while providing an outstanding student and faculty experience. By mentoring faculty and staff, she expanded scholarly research while fostering collaborative relationships across the university and between nursing campuses. As dean, she helped to facilitate strengthening of research capabilities, resulting in the school establishing its own research agenda to include a school specific research mission, vision and goals and identification of specific areas of research interest. As an independent Nursing Education Consultant and Career Advisor, Jones advises faculty and administrators on curriculum design, effectiveness and implementation. To assist with accreditation and approval, Jones services extend to development of policies and procedures for data collection, analysis, and evaluation. Central to organizational achievement is student outcomes and student-centered learning principles, which are central to her leadership. Jones earned her BSN, MSN, and a PhD in Nursing Research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.