Program Design

Developing a new generation of nurse leaders to transform America’s health care system

The Program

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) is contributing $20 million over five years to support the program activities. To expand the reach of the program, we have also developed a strategic philanthropic collaborative to engage other donors dedicated to transforming nursing and health care. Independence Blue Cross Foundation, United Health Foundation, North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, and Rhode Island Foundation have committed funds and we are in negotiations with additional donors.

The Future of Nursing Scholars program provides:

  • Financial support to mitigate the high cost of doctoral education. Scholars will enroll full-time in a research-focused PhD program and complete their degree in three years. Program will provide $75,000 over three years and schools will be required to match $50,000 for a total of $125,000 available over three years.
  • Mentoring and leadership development activities to connect students with influential mentors in health care, research, business, education, policy, innovation, and other key areas.
  • Leadership network to facilitate collaborative work among the students and between the students and national mentors during and after doctoral education, ensuring that they assume significant leadership roles earlier in their careers.
  • One year competitive post-doctoral research support after graduation for those entering faculty positions to foster continuous improvements in health care and to jumpstart their careers in education and their research.

Future of Nursing Scholars is a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in partnership with the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.